Sunday, February 1, 2009

The TV alter all painted (Courtney insisted on hanging the Christmas stocking on it at Christmas time, even though we ended up dragging them to our current home, it was just too dusty over there to celebrate the big day)
My Very black and white kitchen. People think I am crazy with this much white in the kitchen. But I know myself, I don't tend to see dirt like other people so if something is white I see the dirt and therefore I clean the dirt more often!!! Plus whenever I look at home design mags. its always the white kitchens I salivate over!!! (guess what I got counter tops this week and a back splash Yeah!!!!)

Our study, we dragged over a couch and rug to make an area of the kids to sit and watch video's while we work. This room is just off the kitchen and will be our main school area, it now has a coffee table. Jack blew me away, we were at Big Lots one day and I showed him a table I liked and asked if he could make one like it for cheaper and with a shelf. Afterwards I was upstairs at the reno. painting when he calls me down and says hey, what size do you want that table?? in a little under 24 hours I had the coffee table I wanted!!! Thanks Honey Your the Best!!! I like it even better than the roses you picked up just because this week (and I love those a lot ) !!!
Our Reno!!
I know you are all asking, when!!! Or you are more like me and are casting a sarcastic comment my way whenever the word Renovation, comes up ( I love you sarcastic friends, you are like kinship to me). Well I can't say when cause I give up estimating, I apparently suck at it cause my first estimate was well over a year ago. But, I think we are now close to the end, Jack has about 3 larger projects and 3 smaller projects to do, and then he is going to help me finish up the painting, should be just the basement to paint with sealer paint, and a bit of trim and the stairs left on my list by then. Then wow, I can hardly even type the words WE WILL FINALLY MOVE IN.
I am so looking forward to it, we slept over there one night during the cold snap and could not believe what a difference new windows and good insulation make to a home, we were all finally cozy!!! The boys are totally looking forward to a dishwasher again, they are tired of hand washing. And I am looking forward to a bathroom door that locks (ours both broke) and to kitchen doors that stay shut, and a coat closet, and shoe cubbies, big open front porch, and lots of closet space, and a bathtub that is not about to fall thru. the ceiling, and no holes in the wall, and floors that don't give my children and I slivers and,................................ I could go on and on, what a blessing this has been to us.

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