Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look at the transformation!!!

If you go way back into my blog history you will find a picture of a ugly claw foot tub that had the biggest most hideous flowers painted on it in thick paint. We went back and forth several times over whether to save the tub or get a new one. Finally I went into Lowe's and discovered just how much tub, I could afford and said "I got to at least try". So I took the wisdom of a helpful older man and sprayed the thing down with oven cleaner, yep you read right oven cleaner. Then I took a scraper to it and scraped off layers upon layers of bad paint jobs.

Then Jack stepped in and sanded it with sand paper made for metal. Then he primed and painted it with Auto spray paint. He did the inside with a special enamel paint and then we got the fixtures off of eBay for a fraction of the cost of those at the hardware store.

The total cost to renovate the tub was 3 days of labour and $250 in fixtures and supplies. I think it was worth it, cause I could have barley been able to soak my big toe, in the tub I could have gotten for that price, and now I can soak my whole self!!! Bring on the bubbles, and the smelly candles!!! This momma is indulging in a good well deserved soak when we finally move in.!!!

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