Sunday, February 22, 2009

My First Teenager!!!!
Well Jack and I have been parent's of a teenager for just over a week now.
Thomas however was kind to his mom. When I asked him what type of cake he wanted, he said, well a heart shape one mom like you always make BUT please mom no more pink icing, I want green!!!! so green he got, with green and blue candies to top it that he picked out.

This was the first year that instead of cashing the money from the relatives and getting him a gift with it to wrap and give from that relative, for the big day along with the rest of the cash, we gave him all the cash, and just a gift from us (a Tintin comic, and the Madagascar 2 movie). After several days of hard thinking he spent a bit of the money on lego and decided to put the rest of his money is his car account "sixteen is only three years away you know!!!!" (ugg I don't want to think of that)
No party this year, he spent his day, watching movies, eating mom's homemade pizza for dinner ,and we took him to his favorite buffet restuarant for lunch (Ryan's) where he ate more than his Dad!!!!
This week he got his first taste of teenage hood by going to the YMCA with his dad to get his student card, so he can now use all the big machines, and workout along side his dad. Thomas touched us both by thanking God for the YMCA outing that evening during prayers before dinner. Which lead Jack and I to agreeing to trying to get him and Jack there on a regular basis together. Who knows perhaps we will have another runner in the family!!!

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