Monday, November 1, 2010

An Afternoon of Pumpkin Carving with Daddy and Friends
Jack and Aiden working on his haunted house pumpkin that earned him a prize!
Courtney and her fall leaf pumpkin

First of all I know you are all saying wow, what great photo's, ya that is because they were taken by my redhead! not me! I was off doing running my fall half marathon with another homeschooling mom, and Jack forgot our camera. My redhead friend was nice enough to e-mail some photo's with me to share on my blog. (oh and if you live in my area I will gladly share her number with you cause she takes great family photo's and her prices are reasonable).
I got so excited when I saw my redhead was hosting a pumpkin carving event, then I saw it was on my fall marathon day,(I book only 2 big races a year one in spring and one in fall to keep me motivated to keep in shape all year). Jack agreed to take the kids however, and turns out there were a few more dad's there as well so he wasn't the only guy!
Thomas stayed home, he thought he was too old for pumpkin carving, I think he just wanted the house to himself for a few hours, which is fine, I totally understand that. Aiden and Courtney came home with big smiles on their faces, I say the party was a hit.

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