Sunday, November 28, 2010

My new toy that inspired my new craft

Courtney's is the pink one mine is in the bag!
So last winter Jack bought himself the i-pod touch (32GB) with his Christmas money. Then this summer Courtney, my super saver child, bought herself one with her Christmas money, chore money and birthday money (8GB).
I drooled and , I itched over their i-pods BUT I WAITED. Why, you ask? No it wasn't cause I didn't have the money, it was because I heard a rumor. I heard that mac was making an i-pod with a camera and a HD video recorder and I wanted that for my blogging (ya still got to figure it out maybe next month I can bless you with a video of the kids) .
They came out just as Jack lost his job, so I waited some more knowing I could use the saved money for bills if need be. But, then he got his job back and my money was still there.
I grabbed my red head runner, and we headed to town that very next week, and I got it! and I love it! and it is so much fun! and now my hubby feels undone! cause his i-pod ain't as cool as mine! but that's fine!
(sorry felt the need to do some rhyming, but oh I do love it!)
I of course got the screen protector on it, but still I didn't like it rattling in my purse, and I was too broke from purchasing it to get it a cover, so I used my crocheting skills and made it one, then I made Courtney one, and now I am going to make a few more!

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