Sunday, November 28, 2010

A night to ring in the Christmas season Just the little chick and me!

where did we get such a haul of candy you ask?
Well here is a hint!

Here is another! A float done Mid-west style

And here is my little chick done up all warm for an evening of fun!
As you probably guessed by the pictures above, Courtney got all that candy from our town's annual Christmas parade, held the weekend before Thanksgiving.
The boys this year opted to go to a friends house for the afternoon and evening. But Courtney loves parades, not for the floats, she barely looks at those, nope I got a gal with a serious sweet tooth on my hands, she goes for the free candy!
She runs after it, she scoops it up, she searches out who will be the next to throw it off the side of passing floats, and she even takes what bag to collect it in very seriously, it has to have a sturdy handle and open easily so she can stuff all that sweet goodness in fast!
Now I didn't let her keep all this for herself, it went in the candy bucket, that the kids are allowed to choose from when they get 100% on their spelling test, or math assignment. But, I did let her keep her few favorites in a separate spot just for her, since she did do all the work!
I on the other hand love watching the floats, there is just something about seeing Santa on the fire truck to kick you in the Christmas mood.

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