Sunday, November 28, 2010

Crafting Christmas

These are my second biggest seller's after wash clothes I make 3 variation's including the shown hipster, a toddler purse with no flap, and a teddy bear purse all inspired by Courtney, as she has grown. Funny story behind these purses (and my first potholders) is that they are not really crocheted at all, but a made up very sturdy and tight stitch, that I thought was single crochet, it wasn't until two years later that I meet someone who could crochet and she looked at what I was doing and said it was simply slip stitching. OH WELL the goof makes a very nice sturdy purse for little girls!
My number one seller, I must sell over 100 of these every year with the majority of them sold at Christmas time. I can make these in the dark now, (seriously I have when Jack and I are driving somewhere at night, that is how little I look at the needles) .

My Favorite part of Crafting, making gifts. I love piling my homemade items into an arrangement of sorts and tying the in ribbon, or placing them in a basket with home baked items, or in a baking pan and putting a trivet underneath.
I love to craft. It is a talent that helps me to sit still and listen to others. Its a talent that helps me to relax. Its a talent that makes me feel productive. Its a talent that gives me something to do when I am nothing but a ball of nerves. I remember visiting mom when she was ill and coming home with dozens of dish clothes just cause I needed something to do to help me be strong in front of her, so many dish clothes in fact that security laughed at it all as they were searching my bags for my voyage home (oh and word of wisdom, don't try to take home Christmas crackers cause the thing that makes them boom is detected as explosives and your bags will be thoroughly searched by security, very embarrassing!!!)
Crafting however can be expensive, and I have meet many a man, or woman for that matter who complains about the cost of their mates hobby. I didn't want my hobby to be a drain, so when others would tell me that they loved my handiwork and wished they could have some for their ............ I told them I would sell them some for their...................... and soon, little by little my stress relieving habit became fully funded.
And that to me is such a blessing, cause as my little crafting business is blessed, I am able to bless more of my loved ones with, wedding gifts, shower gifts, baby gifts, thank you gifts, I love you gifts, I am think of you gifts, thanks for visiting gifts, birthday gifts and hostess gifts, and giving these gifts is a gift that blesses my heart.

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