Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010
Wow it has been a busy month. You have 2 pages of reading to do to catch up on all that our family has done, and I even left some things out that I could of talked about.
Jack has been off this entire month, and we have adjusted well to the new normal. Most days it is exactly like he is working cause at first he did a years over due cleaning of his workshop. When he was done that he took a week of to be sick (I don't think he intended this but he just did). Then he got to work on doing demo. on our once home now soon to be rental. He finished that in record time and is now putting the place back together.
Oh and don't forget to come back next month for November's happenings!! and a few things from this month that I left out!!
The kids and I have of course been working through the school year. They enjoyed a few sick days when their sister caught what dad had, but other than that it has been a month of school.
Anyways read all about it below!!!

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