Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet Golden Survivor

At our church's "trunk or treat" Courtney was given this fish by one of the participating "trunks". I was not very amused as we have not had very much luck with these penny fishes lasting very long, and when they expire there are many tears.
In the past, right after the fish is given there is the trip to get a bowl and some rocks, a plastic tree and food and the penny fish becomes a rather expensive free gift. Then within a week the fish dies and the accessories end up getting tossed.
This time I appear to have hit either a good fish or a good system for fish survival. (just you wait however, the thing will expire tommorow and I will have to retract this article).
It has been 5 weeks since we were given this fish, and it is surviving in a canning jar with decorator rocks in the bottom. I use a plastic spoon to fish it out come jar changing time. where it is moved to canning jar number 2 with the another few decorator stones placed in the bottom.
It surivives of a diet of "brewer's yeast". Now many of you my not be familar with the stuff, and no I am not brewing anything in my home. Brewers yeast is a salty flake type substance that is a very high natural source of iron, and iron is something this pale white gal is consistantly low in.
So I figured if I throw this stuff on salad cause of its high vitamin and mineral content, and it is making my coat shiny! perhaps it will make the fish shine too. And it is, it loves the stuff. So much so that I never have gotten around to getting it the "fish food" he is suppose to eat.
So what started out as a mom being cheap, and pesimistic, is turning out to be a great way to make a free fish thrive!!!

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