Monday, November 1, 2010

We have Started to Renovate! Again!

This would be the boys old room at our once home now soon to be rental. I know nice window patch. That would be from the boys. My kids and well to be honest jack and I too were very hard on this old fragile home, all the plaster was in delicate shape when we moved in, and that lead to big holes in several walls. Jack tried to patch then but the plaster just kept on falling off in chunks, so we have decided to take the plaster down on the worst walls and replace it with renter friendly wall board.
With Jack not working right now we are making fast process, we are pretty much done with demo. , and Jack got the plumbing done last week and has now started the electrical. We had a lot of the supplies pre-purchased when the home depot in our town was going out of business and selling all sorts of supplies at 50 percent off or more, so it is turning out to be a very cheap way of keeping Jack busy while he is without work.
I will step in on this one once painting needs to be done. Plumbers glue gives me a migraine, and electrical just scares me, and I didn't want to knock down the walls, even though I love doing it, because we lived here once and I set out a lot of mouse poison in this praticular home and never did find one dead mouse, and I don't want to know if those things were in my walls the whole time I lived there. Jack started telling me his findings................but I made him stop!! EWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!

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