Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craigs list update

You might remember this photo from last month. It was our first craigs list sale. Since then I am happy to report I have sold over $500 worth of stuff on craigslist and my home is feeling a sigh of relief because of it. I have also sold close to $50 on my facebook page photo album that is designated for my first dibs loving friends.
I still have roughly half a dozen or so items that I could currently sell on craigslist and probably will list them again next Saturday, and then I have some seasonal stuff that will have to wait to spring, biking accessories and such don't sell well in winter.
I read in one of my FREE magazines (remember coke point article from earlier month) that the average home has roughly $700 in unused stuff lying around.
Well apparently my home is not average cause to date I have made almost $2000 selling unused stuff in our home. Its a mixture of pride and embarrassment to me, pride cause it feels so good to get rid of it and make a bit back for my efforts (heck sometimes I sell the items for more than I paid) but embarrassment cause that tells me I really have not done a good job of keeping up with the flow of stuff in and out of our home!
But I am going to push on, its a part of my weekly routine now, and hopefully it stays that way, even when I get reno-ing with Jack again, I am hoping to spend a few hours a week dealing with selling excess.

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