Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our New Golden Egg

Jack works with this man, who loves to garden, and thinks it is fun to keep chickens. Now this man is single, and he can't possibly eat all he grows nor can he use all the eggs his chickens produce, so we are blessed to enjoy the benifits of his labor. Courtney was thrilled to find out that daddy was going to be bringing home farm fresh eggs and wanted to experience collecting eggs right that very minute. We waited till the next morning, and then she and daddy headed out to get a dozen.

She came home with a smile that was almost bigger than her face, and a dozen eggs, of which dad proceded to fry up 3 for his breakfast!

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Melodie said...

That is so cool you have chickens! I wish we could keep some. I have fond memories of keeping them when I was little long before my parents split up. Very fun!