Monday, November 1, 2010

Thomas' last fall soccer season

His team after their last game
Thomas accepting his trophy for runner-up in the play offs

I must say Thomas got really wonderful weather for his last fall soccer season. Around here community leagues stop at grade 8 meaning next year his options for sports are going to be limited. I am trying to sway him towards perhaps trying running with me in a few 5K's (I am not going to start him of with 13.1 mile half marathon's I am not that insane). He runs really well when we do track with the homeschooling group we belong too, and think he might enjoy it. But that will have to wait till spring, I can't see getting my 14 yr old son out in the freezing temperatures that will be arriving in our area soon, plus he still gets to enjoy an indoor soccer season that will start very soon.

His last season was warm weather for every game, with no rain outs. His team won more games than they lost, and even had one game end shortly after half time when his team had 10 goals and the other had zero (around here they stop playing after that). He didn't score any goals but he sure did prevent a few.

Aiden's team did well too, but they lost their first championship game, so no trophy for him this year. He too is playing indoor soccer and has one of his best palls on his team so he is very excited!

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