Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Work Visa and a Trip all in One Week

Jack got his work visa, the beginning of November, just as we were about to receive our last vacation pay check. Now if this wasn't a God thing, I don't know what is. The government managed to get our work visa paper work done a whole 30 plus days early! True miracle!
Because of the perfect timing, we never did go without a pay check. And Jack got just over a month off to de-stress and enjoy.
He was of course still upset that the whole overlooking of dates meant, he was unable to go to his folks party, so when he found out his dad was going to be just over a half days drive for a week, he was praying his work schedule would allow for a few days to go up and see him. And it did! he got a 4 day weekend, something that well NEVER HAPPENS. He didn't ask his boss at all for the time off since he had just had so much time off, and yet as I believe, God took care of it.
Since his aunt and uncle were hosting a wedding that weekend we both felt it would not be right to intrude with the whole zoo of 5. So he choose Thomas to go with him.
I invited a friend over for a sleepover for both of the other kids, and spent the whole weekend coughing my head off with what I think has been the worst chest cough I have ever had three weeks later and its still there.
The two of them enjoyed themselves though, and went to Niagara falls one day ( I still have not gotten there). Jack enjoyed catching up with his dad, and his aunt and uncle and cousins, and I am still hearing stories of the wedding he and Thomas crashed.
They brought me home smarties and tim-bits, which of course melted my chocolate loving, sour creme donut loving, heart!

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