Sunday, June 5, 2011

Aiden and His Egg Sandwiches
A while ago Starbucks sent me a coupon to try out their new breakfast sandwiches for FREE. Well this is going to sound like a repeat of the post I just wrote below but....... I was grocery shopping early one morning, and decided to pick up the FREE sandwich on my way home.

I hurried in to get the needed groceries in the fridge and freezer before sitting down to enjoy my egg sandwich. In the mean time, Aiden spotted it. Now Aiden is right now the pickiest eater of my family (and that says a lot cause we are all picky). But he was brave when I told him he could help himself to a bite.

Well he certainly liked it, cause that bite turned into another and then another, all while my back was turned toward stuffing that last bag of frozen vegetables into the last bit of space in my side by side. When I shut the door in triumph, I let out a cry of "STOP" I was looking forward to that sandwich!

His eyes then got big, and he said "sorry mommy but it tastes so good, what is this?" . And how can I resist that kissable cheek kid.

So the following week when I had to repeat the whole grocery shopping thing over (seems like it happens every week! ). I bought all the makings for egg sandwiches. Aiden watched with his tongue hanging out as I made him his new found delight.

A few days later when I was getting tired of demands for MORE. I decided to teach him how to make them himself (oh and now his sister can too). He was so proud the first time, making 3 sandwiches one for me one for him and one for his sister he was literally glowing!

And now he makes his own several times a week.

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