Sunday, June 5, 2011

This years Garden Attempt

My Herb garden. Taken the day I planted it. The herbs are three times this size now, and I have enjoyed cooking with them already.
What our current gardening area looks like, again day I planted it. The tomatoes are huge now and sadly the terracotta planters never did get strawberry plants in them as I hoped (life just got too busy). But I got more done in the gardening area this year than last, and to me improvement wether it be small or large is success to me!

I am also fully aware that the Rubbermaid tote looks awful compared to the metal bins, but I got a little crazy at the green house and realized I had too many plants and not enough bins. So I improvised for this year, till I find a metal bin at a yard sale. And the fire pit is moving. It is of course too close to the plants, but we will wait till we want to use it to move it.

Jack would like to cover the area around the pots with mulch, but every bit of money, (and man power and time) we have beyond normal bills (and his work, and my housework,), is being directed towards getting our last renovation-rental done and rented, so it starts making us money instead of costing us holding costs. So extras like mulch (and the time and manpower to get and use mulch) are being put off for a while longer.

I do love my little vegetable garden though, with its pots of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and herbs.I am hoping each year to expand on it. I saw a picture of what would be my dream in town vegetable garden on a blog, she had used all the space around the perimeter of her fence, to 2 to 3 feet in depth, using pots and raised beds, to grow every vegetable imaginable and in such a way that it looked as pretty and as colorful as a flower garden.

Now I like flowers, but if I can have pretty and useful, well that gals vegetable garden wins me hands down!

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