Sunday, June 5, 2011

We Got it!!!

Here is a picture of our "new" to us paid with cash, pop up (tent trailer). This baby when fully open has a king size bed on either end and a dinette that you tip out of the side of the base, so that you have more floor space, and that makes into a double bed. It also has a couch that makes into a single bed. It has an outdoor shower, perfect for getting the sand off your feet before bed. An indoor and an outdoor propane stove. A small fridge. Plenty of storage space under the couch and dinette. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BOTH HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Two nights in our old pop up and our middle child looked like he had been stranded in the dessert for a month! That boy came out of the womb sweating! He does not take heat well at all. So he was grinning ear to ear when he heard that this year he would have a place to escape the heat while camping.

Now if I had been thoughtful, I would have taken pictures of the inside of it before we closed it up to take home. But, I was so excited by the find that I forgot, so you are going to have to hold on another month, and when we go camping I will take picture for you.

We got it off Craigslist, after weeks of looking, the previous night Jack found 2 good finds before coming to bed late, I called on this one as soon as 9 am hit, cause it was my favorite of the 2. When the seller called back, he said he had someone coming to look at it at 4 pm, but he wasn't holding it till then. So I yelled to the kids "we are skipping school today get in the trailblazer now!" and drove the hour to go and look at it. It is in amazing shape and the seller could have easily asked more, so I didn't bargain him down any and paid a deposit. Jack and I went later that day when he was off to pick it up (I have never towed anything and thought an hours drive on a busy road probably wouldn't be my best trial run).

So it made for close to 4 hrs in the car for me that day, but it was worth it. We have tried a few times to get it out already, but it has been such a rain filled spring. However very soon we have 8 nights booked at a state park, (which cost us about what one night in a hotel room costs). We are all looking forward to the getaway time.

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