Sunday, June 5, 2011

April and May 2011

WOW I had so much to write about from the past 2 months that it took 3 pages! you are going to have to click older posts a lot just to get down to the green heading MARCH.

So Go ahead and grab yourself a cuppa, be it whatever you prefer. Cause you are going to need to be sipping on something while doing all that reading.

My only excuse for skipping a month and letting it build up so! Is my to do list has been out of control lately (see how much is written on that one piece of paper above!).

I have been spending every minute that I can painting our renovation home that hopefully by summers end will be our second rental home. When I am not painting, I am catching up laundry (which I also did today as I wrote this all), baking, educating the kids, driving kids to their activities, making meals ahead to be heated on renovating days, and catching up our books.

Oh and the past 2 months I have also been doing a lot of selling excess out of our home. April and May are big months for sales, and I wanted to take full advantage of that.

So read up and catch up!

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