Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Last day of School for the 2010/2011 school year

Around here school gets out the end of May and goes back the beginning of August. This year we finished our year by the middle of May. We are now on half days for the summer break. Which means just 2 hrs a day, and if we get busy having summer fun and the 2 hrs don't get done, I don't stress about it. Usually by the time summer is through we half 20 half days done, which allows me to take 10 bonus days off throughout the year. This system works really well, when you are married to a man that works every other weekend, and prefers to travel during non peak season. We can take off time with Dad in the middle of the school week and not worry about getting behind in our lessons. AND THAT IS JUST ONE OF THE MANY BENEFITS OF HOMESCHOOLING.

This year we ended our year with a field trip to a local Air force museum. All three children found it really interesting. We loved ending school so much this way that I think next year I will plan a never done yet field trip for the end of our next school year.

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