Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yes Sadly She is addicted at the ripe old Age of 8!

Its a good thing I collect swagbucks and cash them in for Starbucks cards

Cause I have created a Starbucks junkie!!!

It all started very innocently many many years ago. Courtney was only 2 then. It was a sunny morning. I headed out early to get some grocery shopping in before the hubby left for work. Having a mypoints, Starbucks card in my purse I picked myself up a mocha frappachino on the way home, rewarding myself for stocking up so quickly.

I came home put my 1/3 gone frappachino on the dinning table and carried all the groceries in and got them all put away in a hurry anticipating relaxing on the porch swing while reading a magazine (free from cokepoints of course) and sipping my reward for a mornings work.

But when I returned to get my frappochinoit was gone!!! But under the table I found the cutest little Ash blonde two year old slurping up the very last morsels for her stolen find! and a whip creme mustache to boot! And the strange thing was she was calmer than normal all day (which makes me wonder if she doesn't have her daddy's ADHD)

From then on a yearning grew in her heart. She knew what those white and green cups were, and she soon matched the symbol of the cup to the symbol on the sign outside the store and knew that's where that wonderful yummy stuff came from.

Oh I do get her decaf, but I also allow Santa to stuff her stocking with a gift card to the coffee addiction creating store.

Cause we spend valuable, mommy and daughter time there. Discussing important stuff. Like friendships, and clothing choices, and why exactly we don't say, such and such a word.

Yep, Starbucks, it may be addicting, but its also great for bonding!

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