Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some men love to Golf or Fish or Hunt or ....But my man likes to.....

For years I have felt guilty from time to time, since I seem to be the only adult in the household that enjoys a recreational sport. That would be running, and biking, and sometimes swimming. Now I do use my own personal money for my hobby and Jack has the same amount, but it just seems like none of his hobby's stuck for long and I end up feeling like he gets cut short on personal refreshment time.

He tried roller blading, but those are now in the attic. Then there was, racket ball, that was one game and then it got put up in the attic. Then there was a season of biking, but that was two summers ago, and hasn't touched it since. Then there is golf, which he likes, but only 9 holes at a time, and only with friends to pass the time with, and only if its not too hot, or not too cold, and only ...., well you get the idea those clubs sit in the attic taken out once or twice a year, enjoyed but not a passion.

But then he was talking to a pastor friend of ours, and he heard the words air soft wars. And his eyes light up like never before, and soon his long padded personal account was empty! and he was begging for more!!!

Of course the photo above shows Thomas in full gear and not Jack, but that is because he soon had Thomas and Aiden sucked in to this father and son air soft war thing. And really I don't mind they have such a blast, it truly is bonding time for Jack and the boys. And I have never seen my husband so passionate about a recreational sport, which makes me happy and my guilt over my running and biking passion can rest in peace.

So every third weekend my boys head out to war, and me and my gal we head out to Starbucks!

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