Sunday, June 5, 2011

Courtney's Easter Egg Hunt

Just a few weeks before Easter, Courtney started asking, "Mom can we have an Easter egg hunt with our friends this year". I at first had this big Easter egg hunt all planned out in my head, but then as it usually does, life took over, walls needed to be painted at the renovation-rental, sales needed to be organized, food needed to be cooked, children needed to be educated, and before I knew it, it was just a few days before Easter.

So I folded my hands and prayed "Lord, I got a little girl, I don't want to let down! Help, is it too late to get an Easter Egg hunt off the ground". And with in seconds, I remembered, I had invited a friend who lives an hour away over to our home that Friday, with her 5 children. I had also invited several of her friends from the area to drop by and share in her company, and between us all we had 12 children of Easter egg hunting age!!!

So after Homeschooling PE, we headed to Walmart where I let Courtney pick out some plastic eggs and some candy to stuff them with. She spent the afternoon, happy as a clown, stuffing eggs in anticipation of her Easter egg hunt the next day with friends.

Once again, to achieve success you don't have to reach the moon, you just have to get up and try.

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