Sunday, June 5, 2011

Highlights of this years Homeschooling Track and Field Day

Diane and I at the finish line, keeping track of who comes first, second, third and fourth. And yes it was a cool day, yet strangely sunny, hence the shades and coats.
Courtney stopping to rehydrate after her race

Thomas flying in the long jump pit, to an age group blue ribbon!

Aiden leaping to a Third

Courtney falling! thankfully the right way!

Thomas with his hair blowing in the wind! MY BOY CAN RUN!

Diane's boy Seth and My Thomas ran neck and neck till Seth thought at the finish line to stick out his arm and win by a finger!

Aiden running his best!

Homeschooling track and field day is always a favorite with my children. Jack usually has the day off so he too gets to take in the event. He held the camera and took the pictures this time. We usually end the day with a trip to the Pizza Hut buffet all you can eat pizza and salad (with coupons of course)

My kids really do have some running and jumping talent! I love watching them compete.

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