Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Sale Season Is In full Swing Again!!

One sunny afternoon in April when we were suppose to be working on our last (for a while anyways) renovation-rental home, I spied on the way home from a supply trip a sign for a yard sale at a home I love to hit every year. Usually I get a tonne for Courtney at this ladies sale, this year however the boys lucked out! Now Jack loves what I save at yard sales but he doesn't like going with me, but at this sale, he actually added clothes for the boys to the pile to the point that I had to stop him!

A lot of the clothes we got, still had tags attached, and all the rest were in like new condition. The seller confessed that her family had bought her son a tonne of clothes for Christmas, but shortly after he had taken a several inch growth spurt over the course of just a few short weeks.

Her loss was totally my boys gain, Thomas got a tonne of new t-shirts out of the deal, and Aiden got a huge amount of like new ho0dies, and in the end it cost me the same amount as the price tag attached to two of the t-shirts! Such a blessing!

Now these socks were to beat my redhead running friend's pink and white fuzzy Christmas knee highs with their slid resistant bottoms! Which she refused to let me photograph her in! I cannot wait to sport these at our next friend get together once the cold weather returns! Cause anyone who knows me knows I love a good competition and I think I will win hands down for tackiest slipper socks with these!

My absolute favorite yard sale find this year! I got it just this weekend at the very last house I stopped at and spent pretty much every last penny! She sold them to me for $1 a piece. I love Strattfordshire Ware (made in England) now these are a newer print 1982, and the first time I have ever seen them with splashes of color. The side plates and dessert bowls are actually done by Johnson Bros (also England) but are also stoneware and of similar print. You can also get this transfer ware in blue and red prints, and I do have some in those colors but brown is my favorite!

Other finds so far this year, include clothes for Courtney, and supplies to stock our new to us paid with cash pop up!

Can I just say that living here is like a yard sale lovers dream. Whole towns have weekends where dozen upon dozens upon dozens of homes will host a yard sale for 2 to 3 days in a row. Things that you would never imagine would show up at a sale, will, and some that you just didn't want to see also will, like the adjustable strip pole with matching spike heels that light up at you walk that I saw at one sale! (AND NO I DID NOT PURCHASE THAT)

Some sales, are just junk, and some are overpriced, but most contain a least a treasure or two. I save a tonne of money for my family on clothes, home accessories, small furniture, homeschooling supplies, and much much more.

I also sometimes grab great deals to re-sell which usually pays for my gas, and some of my purchases cause as I have said before I like my hobbies to pay for themselves, not drain the family budget. And yard saling is definitely a hobby of mine that pays for it self and more.

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