Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I love to do at Mornings light!

Below I talk about Jack's new found recreational passion! And I am so glad that after so many years he finally found one that I think is going to stick a while! Cause it makes me feel even more great about mine. Here are a few glimpses of my early morning life.

This is the bike I ride twice a week. while wearing my GPS watch so I can see just how fast I can glide down a hill (22 miles an hr is my personal record). I can't stand to drag it out of the basement each time, so it has a place of honor in our family room all season long.
These are the digs I wear two mornings a week, so that I can build up endurance to swim the first portion of a Triathlon this September! MY FIRST ONE!!!

This is what I look like after going out for a morning run in the rain! Cellphone gets wrapped in a Ziploc baggy so I can call and be rescued if thunder rolls in, but otherwise I love running in the rain!

This is my favorite Bondi band. Worn to keep the sweat from dripping in my eyes. This one says it all, and all in the right order. FIRST I am a wife, THEN I am a mom, AND LAST I am a marathoner cause it makes me better at steps one and two.

These are the books I read for inspiration to dig deeper and to not loose heart when I don't reach that PR (personal record) at my last race.

This is the pony tail that I grew specifically to keep my hair out of the way during all my races. Bonus my hubby loves it, the first day I wore it he couldn't keep his eyes off me, and he was smiling the whole day!

These are the buddies that I have created stronger bonds with along the way, and they are an important reason for why I continue to run! Time with them is precious, they push me to be better not just as a runner but as a wife and a mom and a friend and a neighbor and as a christian. The money I pay for each race is worth it for the friend time I gain with them all.

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